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International Nuclear Services Limited (INS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). We have extensive and proven expertise in irradiated fuel management and transporting nuclear materials.

Our affiliation with the British government brings with it unparalleled rigour in terms of safety and security standards, gravitas and trust.

Transporting nuclear materials and trading in nuclear experience and expertise are complex and often controversial challenges which require huge expertise and meticulous preparation.

We offer world-leading solutions to global challenges based on over 40 years’ experience delivering specialist nuclear services with pride.

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The safe and secure transport of nuclear materials requires huge experience and modern insight into current operational standards.

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INS also operates a subsidiary company Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL). PNTL is owned by INS (68.75%), Areva (12.5%) and a consortium of Japanese nuclear companies (18.75%).

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