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We’re everything a 21-century business school has to be.

Our 28 business degree programs and options will prepare you for the dynamic, complex world of business.

We’re in Corvallis, Portland and Bend; we’re 100% online; we’re custom hybrid formats tuned for busy professionals. You’ll learn how to embrace innovation and adapt to challenges, giving you the tools to solve any problem.

You’ll learn to never stop learning.



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We launched our nationally-recognized Blueprint model, consulted with our industry partners and expanded our degree offerings, and listened to our students to create learning opportunities – online, and flexible learning formats in three Oregon cities – that are supportive programs for transferring students, and welcoming to all learners.

You’re not just earning a degree – you’re gaining the professional and leadership skills that will serve you, your business and your community throughout your life.

The First-Year Experience





Strength in Numbers
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Our alumni community is 30,000 strong; part of a college dating back to 1908, and a university more than 150 years old.
Where We Are From
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We’re a destination of choice for our neighbors in Oregon and our new friends from around the country and the world.
Our graduates enter the workforce ready to make an impact on the organizations that employ them.
Perfecting the college experience


Kristy Milien had a dream to work in New York City, and she executed perfectly. As president of the National Retail Federation student club, one of her signature accomplishments was organizing a student trip to the retail industry’s biggest event in the city, The Big Show. While there, she introduced herself to her future employer, Macy’s.

Career success takes focus, talent, education, strategic decisions and hard work – but sometimes, bringing all of these assets to the right place at the right time leads to a perfect breakthrough. Every resource and opportunity is designed to empower you to realize your career goals. We do, in fact, have a plan for your professional success: It’s our award-winning Blueprint learning model.


National Leaders

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Beaver Pride

We are ranked 33rd in nation for Innovation (yes, that puts us at a tie with east coast private elite universities, Yale and Georgetown) and we’re No. 1 in the Pacific Northwest.

On Target

Nine out of ten of our first-year students stay on track with academic goals, on target with finances and scholarships, and motivated to get their degree. Yes, 90%, we are bragging.


Student Research


The ability for undergraduates to conduct research is a distinct experience. For instance, Colleen Bee, associate professor of marketing, can mentor you on research on consumer behavior, social influence and sports marketing.

Bee’s research has been followed by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report and the Huffington Post.

Our faculty are committed professors and passionate mentors. They’re also corporate leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and renowned researchers. You have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, industry professionals and potential employers as you conduct market research and consult with clients like the Corvallis Clinic, HP, Intel, Gerber Foods and the Oregon Wine Research Institute.



A happy transfer student

Transferring made easy

We know you’ve worked hard to get here and we’re excited to support you the rest of the way. Our team of advisors will help you ensure your path to graduation is clear.



A group of Continuing and Professional education students working together

Continuing and Professional Education

Upskill your team, develop a new job skill for yourself, or earn a professional certificate - all with our continuing and professional education training and courses. Learn more about our offerings.





The Oregon State MBA is the top-ranked part-time MBA in the state. Our specialized tracks align with market needs, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.