The Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) is an international volunteer trade organization that supports indie game developers making, publishing, and promoting fantastic games. The IGDN brings together a wide variety of developers–including pen and paper, card game, and board game designers–in a private environment where each and every member strives for excellence. We encourage and seek out new diverse voices to join us, particularly among traditionally underrepresented segments of the larger gaming community.


Our Mission

The IGDN was created because the gaming community lacks places where developers can organize their efforts and take collective action. The IGDN provides a safe ground for new ideas and opportunities, a place where developers both new and experienced can propose new thoughts in a supportive environment to help each other achieve their goals, including success as a small business.

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In addition, too many developers in the gaming industry are reinventing the wheel with the release of each new product. No one person knows the best way to order books, print card, stock PDFs, or promote in the age of social media because the rules are constantly changing. It’s a new world with lots of opportunity, but we don’t know how to navigate it yet. The IGDN helps developers build a resource library that can move more products to market with less effort, building better games for more players! And as we grow, we develop new ways to support those developers at conventions, in retail stores, and on crowdfunding sites.

In fact, one of the primary goals of the IGDN is to see more freelance developers gain the development skills and business prowess to strike out on their own, leaving their day jobs behind to focus on the hobby they love and increase their audience by making inclusive, accessible products.




We seek to better the gaming community through direct action as well as resource sharing among our members.



members strong and growing

We actively seek out under-represented and underserved voices to join our numbers and broaden the vision of what tabletop games can and should be.




We have raised over 2 million on Kickstarter for our tabletop  games
as individual companies.



The IGDN provides a safe ground for new ideas and opportunities, a place where developers both starting out and experienced can propose their thoughts and questions in a supportive environment and help each other achieve their goals. We also have a number of cooperative projects including: a booth at GenCon, a collection of design and production resources, a scholarship for new designers, as well as mentorship and peer coaching programs.


Metatopia Diversity Scholarship

The IGDN, in cooperation with Double Exposure, sponsors a scholarship for diverse game designers to attend Metatopia, the game design conference held every year in New Jersey. The scholarship covers travel, lodging, and a badge so that designers from underrepresented backgrounds can run their games and make connections with industry professionals.



The mentorship program is designed for individuals just getting started as independent game designers.  A person taking part in the mentorship program will be matched with an experienced IGDN member as a mentor. The mentor and mentee will read a series of articles on aspects of the business of game design, and meet with each other via video chat to discuss the topics.

Indie Groundbreaker Awards

The Indie Groundbreaker Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on excellence in the indie game design community. These awards will recognize games (and game designers) who are creating new and exciting game designs that push the boundaries in innovation, in promoting diversity, and in expanding what it means to be “indie.”



Participants of the peer coaching program are matched with a coach from within the IGDN who  has experience in a specific subject, and meet over video chat to share their knowledge of the business of game design. Mentors also benefit from this relationship, and report that discussing these topics also deepens their understanding of them.



Do you want to join a community of creators and game designers that give constructive feedback and support on your projects?

Are you interested in analog game publishing and want help breaking into the industry?

Do you believe games should be for everyone and diverse voices are important?

Are you looking to network with other industry professionals with experience ranging from many books under their belt to a single publication?

Do you want retail and convention support for your games?

If you answered the above questions with a “yes”, apply today by emailing info@igdnonline.com!



The IGDN is a diverse group of creators, designers, and industry professionals. We work together to support one another’s projects and in the other daily struggles the industry brings.


Convention Support

Not everyone has the means to go to conventions like GenCon or Origins, but members of the IGDN may send their products to many different conferences via the IGDN booths, benefiting from our communal presence at conventions.


Printing Discounts

Full members enjoy the benefits of discounted printing with a trusted printing partner. Using our joint buying power the IGDN has set-up printing discounts with our printing partner for our members.