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Whether you need a short-term operating loan for your farm, or a long-term loan to buy that piece of land you've always wanted, work with a lender that understands your passion. Let AgGeorgia provide support to help you achieve your goals.


An undeveloped tract of land where you can teach your kids to hunt. A quiet country home where you can settle down. Whatever your rural property or farm land needs may be, AgGeorgia has you covered with long-term fixed rates tailored to your financial situation.

Operating Loans

Land rent, fuel, fertilizer, diesel fuel...just because you have to wait until harvest to get paid doesn’t mean the bills will. AgGeorgia can help with lines of credit to maintain your operation through seasonal cash flow cycles.

“We could never have grown through a local bank the way we've grown through AgGeorgia Farm Credit.”

Larry Cooley, Roberta, GA



Your time is valuable, and there are a lot of people depending on you. AgGeorgia’s easy-to-use digital account management platforms and cash management tools (not to mention our annual profit sharing program) are designed to put control of your time and money back in your hands, so you can focus on what matters. AgGeorgia members also benefit from leasing solutions, financial education workshops, and credit life insurance options to give you and your family peace of mind.



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Whether you need a mortgage, a loan to finance your operation, or something else entirely, AgGeorgia can connect you with the financial tools you need to stay ahead. Reach out to get the details.